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Payment & Financing OPtions

We offer financing as well as the option to pay with multiple methods.

Both Affirm and Paypal Credit options will be available when you go to check out and add your financial information - you will click 'complete order', and will be redirected to either PayPal or Affirm to complete your purchase securely.If you are planning on financing, we recommend thatyou applyfor a PayPal line of credit or Affirm now so you know what you are approved for, and we can set up multiple listings so you can use multiple methods of payments, as outlined below.

Multiple Payment Methods

We can divide the total price of a piece between 2, 3 or 4 listings so that you can use multiple different payment methods to purchase a ring. For example, if you wanted to purchase a ring for $4500 and have $500 you want to put on a debit card and then you want to use Paypal financing for $1000 and then you want the remaining amount on your credit card we would set up the following listings for you, first one for $500, the second one for $1000 and the remaining amount would be on the third listing for $3000.

All of the listings have to be purchased within a 24 hour period, the payments cannot be spread over multiple days/weeks.